Why You Should Utilize SEO for Your Company

digital marketing trendsIf you think you don’t need SEO, think again. Here are just a few reasons why your site needs a search engine optimization strategy.

Internet advertising is no longer just a small part of the marketing industry
With the increasing amount of Internet users and their proven willingness to buy, digital marketing trends are leading the way forward. Companies that are not online are essentially dinosaurs. That being said, it’s not a matter of being online to stay relevant, it’s about being active online and competing with everyone else over what websites those 3 billion users are going to go to.

Search engine optimization (SEO)
has been around since just after the Internet was created, but today, it has evolved into a machine of its own. Because of the amount of websites, content, and products online, people are more impatient than ever. If your company is not utilizing some form of SEO, then your chances of maintaining a successful organization are falling. Rapidly. Digital marketing trends show that search engines are the overwhelming majority leader in how users find products. An incredible 89% of users start their system of product purchasing with a search engine, so if your company’s website is not showing up as a listing, you don’t stand a chance.

It’s more than just having a website
Type anything into a search bar and literally thousands of listings will show up. How can you stand out? By taking advantage of the resources that are available, like working with a professional SEO service. There are only about 10 to 15 listings on a search engine page, and an incredible 75% of users will never scroll past that first page. Think about how much traffic your website will see if your listing is on the second or third page. If you’re not one of the top choices, there is a very good chance that users will never find your product.

The Internet sure isn’t what it used to be
You may really believe that your company is offering an amazing product or service, better than anyone else, and you’ve always had loyal customers who know your business, but without a successful SEO service, you’re losing out on the ability to maximize your company’s reach. Online users aren’t sitting down at their computers and typing in a website URL anymore. They are typing the least amount of words possible into a search engine and clicking one of the top few choices.

The industry is still growing
Digital marketing trends predicting that marketers in the U.S. will spend over $100 billion on Internet advertising by 2019. SEO strategies will likely evolve by then, but there is a very high possibility that companies that do not utilize SEO will become obsolete.

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