Pay Per Click Management

Save Time and Money by Connecting with Real Buyers

Let our U.S. team of PPC gurus squeeze more conversions into each AdWords dollar you spend, so you can spend time focusing on what you do best
  • Pay Per Click advertising (“PPC”) is the model of choice for businesses looking to connect with real buyers. Google AdWords, PPC for Google Search, is a fast advertising option for your business.
  • For those looking to generate instant traffic to their website or to supplement their SEO campaign, we offer Pay Per Click advertising management services.  PPC ensures instant exposure and instant traffic. Our highly-trained team will direct buying customers to your website.
  • With PPC, effectively a business buys a top-rated advertising spot paid by the amount of “clicks” it receives rather than earning visits with an improved SEO ranking over time.
  • PPC is no “set it and forget it” kind of program. An un-optimized campaign can drain your resources while you try to find that “sweet spot” where results come from.
  • Excel Placement Partners will put together an effective advertising strategy and optimize your PPC campaigns so that you connect to the right audience – those that are ready to buy.
  • Prices are upfront and we can get started driving qualified buyers directly to your site in under a month.


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