3 Factors to Consider When Choosing an SEO Company

search engine optimization toolsThe digital age has brought with it more responsibilities for business owners, the biggest being maintaining a strong online presence. The logistics that go into search engine algorithms can be dizzying for even the most seasoned marketing professional. As a result, many business owners are choosing to outsource their search engine optimization (SEO) needs rather than spending their time trying to do it themselves. While educating themselves about basic search engine optimization tools is a smart business move, delving any deeper into the world of digital marketing can be very time-consuming.

Outbrain conducted a study surrounding SEO and consumers. The results showed that conducting a search through a search engine is the number one way traffic is led to websites. A similar study found that 89% of consumers start their shopping process through a search engine. It’s more important than ever to help potential customers find your site. The fact is that 75% of consumers admit to never scrolling past the first page of results on a search engine. This makes first-page presence extremely valuable. That’s where the SEO company comes into play.

When it comes to hiring an SEO company, there are many factors that will come into play. As a business owner, there’s no time or money to waste on a company that’s not fully invested in your success. The first feeling you should get during the initial correspondence is that they are genuinely interested in making your SEO dreams a reality (to a realistic extent).

Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for the right company:

Size: Your SEO company should be prepared to use current search engine optimization tools to drive traffic to your business. While rationale may tell you that larger digital marketing companies are better equipped to do so, there’s a possibility of you falling victim to ‘bulk’ SEO. Many large SEO companies crank out SEO that isn’t personalized or customized to fit your business specifically.

Their online presence: While a website doesn’t say everything about a business, it can say a lot. Trusting an SEO company that doesn’t have a decent and updated website probably won’t result in top-notch SEO work.

Past Experience: With new SEO companies popping up every day, more experience doesn’t always mean better results. If a business doesn’t have a lot of experience as an entity, ask about the experience of those who will be working on your campaign. Some of the brightest marketing minds start out at (and stay with) small and medium-sized SEO companies.

When you keep these 3 things in mind when hiring an SEO company, your chances of forging a successful relationship increase dramaticcally. While the business you hire will be responsible for maintaining your online presence, they should also be willing to equip you with basic search engine optimization tools that you can carry with you in the future.

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