3 Common Misconceptions About SEO

digital marketing companiesIn the new Digital Age, the two most popular internet activities have become search and email. As digital marketing trends continue to change, businesses everywhere are scrambling to roll out a digital marketing plan that will drive people to their website. Search engine optimization (SEO) has reached its peak of popularity due to the increased emphasis on search engines.

Of all the searches made on mobile phones, 56% of the users are looking for information about local businesses (hours of operation, website, phone number, etc.). Of those searches, 61% result in a purchase. This is great news for small and medium-sized businesses who are spending precious money on an SEO strategy.

However, SEO has been around long enough that some misconceptions about what works and what doesn’t continue to poison the effectiveness of SEO for some businesses and digital marketing companies alike. Something that may have worked 2 years ago may be completely moot now. Here are 3 things all digital marketing companies want you to know about SEO:

Meta Tags Are Not Google Gold: Meta tags used to be a huge deciding factor for Google. Now, Google has attempted to set the record straight by letting everyone know meta tags no longer effect ranking. However, old habits die hard and some SEO companies refuse to let meta tags go.

More Links Do Not Equal More Hits: Having reciprocal links to and from your website is a great way to bolster SEO. Keep in mind that links are about quality, not quantity. You’re much better off getting a well-ranked site to link to yours as opposed to five links from bogus sites. Digital marketing companies will only place reciprocal links that hold value, as you should too.

Keyword Stuffing Will Hurt You: Google caught on to the mischief surrounding keywords. Sites used to improve their ranking by splattering keywords in the background but it has become a nuisance for site visitors and Google alike. Be sure to allow keywords to flow naturally so the content of your site isn’t compromised.

Have you outsourced your SEO? Or do you handle it yourself? What SEO tools and tips have you discovered throughout your tenure as a business owner?

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