3 Advantages of Utilizing Local Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses

local search engine optimizationOwning a small business in the age of the Internet means dealing with digital marketing and advertising. Navigating the winding road of enterprise ownership can be difficult and misleading. When it comes to search engine optimization marketing, utilizing every aspect the Internet has to offer will greatly increase your chances of being found within local area searches.

While some business owners are fighting the web’s influence and resources, the fact of the matter is that half of all mobile searches are looking for local results, 61% of which results in a purchase. Hopping on the SEO train means getting more traffic for small businesses, making it a smart move.

Check out three key advantages to utilizing local search engine optimization:

Target Market Focus
Using local search engine optimization, your business can focus its SEO efforts on local areas, so you’re not spending time and resources fighting for page ranking in areas you don’t service. Considering 75% of users don’t bother to scroll past the first page of results, targeting local SEO greatly increases your changes of being found in your local area by potential customers and consumers.

Directory Listings
While Google has a stronghold on the search engine front, there are plenty of other resources consumers can turn to when looking for local services. Sites that offer local listings are used by potential customers. Having uniform profiles on each of these directories is the best way to be found within them. Many of these directories pull information from data aggregators, which means that the information can be outdated or incorrect. Correcting it and making sure it’s uniform across all platforms is absolutely necessary.

Social Media
Utilizing proper local search engine optimization marketing and SEO tools means maintaining a strong social media presence, no matter the industry your business falls under. Social media profiles are becoming a big resource for potential customers. This is a great way to show off the personality and mission of your organization.

The imperative nature of digital marketing is evident in current market trends. With tech start-ups blossoming constantly, the digital age is in full swing. Considering SEO leads have a closing rate of nearly 15%, taking the time and effort to maximize your online presence is a smart business move.